Monday, June 13, 2011

City requests proposals for planting in existing rain gardens

On June 14, bids are due on a project to plant and maintain rain gardens in Madison.  Some of the gardens have already been constructed, while others are in the process of construction.  Glenn Clark is the project manager. Work will start about June 21 and end about Sept. 20. 

Existing gardens to be planted
Starkweather Creek rain garden
Marston Ave. rain gardens 1-5
Bernie's Beach bio-retention basin
Allied Drive bio-retention basin
Prairie planting at Beld St. and Wingra Dr.
Kipp rain garden
Westmorland Park rain garden
Vilas Park bike path
Vilas Beach

Newly constructed rain gardens to be planted
609 Gilmore St
2114 E. Mifflin St.
2106 E. Mifflin St.
Ivy Street rain gardens A and B
1000 Edgewood Ave.

The RFP calls for purchase of 4,896 plants, so you can see that "green infrastructure" is fast becoming part of our economy--a source of jobs.

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See the RFP here.  There is a map of the garden locations on p.55, and species lists on p. 45.

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